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AustrianStartups Stammtisch #31

17. Februar 2016 @ 18:30 bis 21:30

It’s February and they year has kicked off and hopefully, so did you and your startup. This month is all about growth and more specifically, how to hack it. The phrase “growth hacker” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. Traditional marketers are skilled at understanding traditional products, but the internet has created a radical redefinition of the word product. The internet has given the world a new kind of product and it demands a new kind of thinking. For the first time because of this redefinition a product can play a role in its own adoption. Growth hackers using their knowledge of product and distribution find ingenious, technology-based avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised. To discuss own experiences with and the potential of growth hacking, we’ve gathered a host of entrepreneurs.

Keynote by Felix Häusler from Grape (

Panel with

Following the Q&A session at the end of our panel, we invite all of you to stay for further networking in the startup-friendly atmosphere of Sektor5 and also participate in our “Startup Speed Dating”, where you have the chance to directly engage with panel speakers, founders and members of the AustrianStartups community.


17. Februar 2016
18:30 bis 21:30




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